Silaforts Painting Pty Ltd


Silaforts painting Pty Ltd started very simply in Greece, in 1960 when Tasís father Angelos
started his apprenticeship at the age of 13.

After learning his trade he migrated to Australia in 1970 and slowly introduced his son Tas to the painting industry
during school holidays and weekends.During the mid 90ís Tas joined Angelos team full time
working with job from the Greek community and new home builders.

Also painting two large estate site,Springfield Rd/Kurrayong Way , Blackburn North and Wattle Valley Rd Camberwell.
This period was a very crucial time for both Angelo and Tas as Tas began to take the business once again to a higher level
that challenge has brought them to where they are today,now specialising in the high level of finishes.

Tasís constant determination of studying efficient systematic approaches and technique in achieving outstanding
finishes which exceed the market expectation.

It was evident that there was a gap in the market for painters qualified in high standard finishes
and with their team of experienced painters they were able to service the gap.

Today they can offer exceptional level of finishes ranging from good finish to very high level of finishes and finally
to mirror finish level.

Not only new skills and techniques have been developed but greater quality of tools and paints are available.
Silaforts also promote non toxic paints with low VOC (volatile organic compound) which can provide as alternatives
to normal domestic paint which release toxins.

With changes to our environment Silaforts are constantly researching better and safer products to have available to
to their clients

The benefits to health and to the environment for both clients and painters are taken very seriously.
Specialising in such high standards Silaforts are committed to their team of painters, their clients
and the environment.This is demonstrated in the many award wining homes they have been involved in.

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